Work Vehicle (Large)
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An ideal kit to treat emergencies that may happen in work vehicles.

Designed for trade vehicles to make first aid accessible and ready for any on the road emergencies.

• Convenient Pull-Out Shelf
• Multiple Compartments
• Durable Plastic

Dimensions: 300mm (W) x 185mm (H) x 140mm (D),
Case type: Plastic Tool Box Medium (FABPM300B)
Complies with OH&S Regulation 2001 (NSW)


1 X Adhesive Dressing Roll
1 X Adhesive Dressing Tape 
1 X Adhesive Plastic Strip(s), 25/Pack 
1 X Antiseptic Cream, Savlon, 30g 
10 X Mini Liv-Wipe Alcohol Swab 
12 X Bandages Clip(s), Elastic 
1 X Bite, Sting and Rash Gel 
1 X Chlorhexidine and Cetrimide Solution, 30ml Ampoules 
2 X Conforming Bandage(s), 50mm 
2 X Conforming Bandage(s), 100mm 
2 X Cotton Tip Applicator(s), 5/Pack 
2 X Univ Crp Bndgs Heavy 50mm x 4.5m, Brown
2 X Eye Pad(s), Sterile
1 X Eye Wash 6 First Aid Forceps, 7.5cm, Plated4 X Gauze Swab(s), Sterile, 8 Ply, 7.5cm, 3/Pack
1 X Gloves, Latex, 2/Pack 
1 X Qwik Ice Instant Cold Pack, 11 x 18cm 
1 X Kidney Dish, Plastic, Clear, 700ml 
1 X First Aid Resuscitation Pamphlet, A4, Folded
3 X Non-adherent Dressing(s) 
4 X Plastic Bag(s) 
1 X Rescue Blanket 
1 X Surg Scissors 13cm Blunt/Blunt, Straight
1 X First Aid Info Pamphlet 
2 X Resuscitation Face Shield(s) 
1 X Safety Pin(s) 
2 X Liv Calico Triangular Bandage Bleached, 110 x 110 x 155cm 
2 X Splinter Probe(s) 1 Sunscreen 1 Wound Dressing(s), No 14