Course title: Provide Pain Relief
Course Code: PUAEME005A

Pain management is the biggest unresolved issue in pre-hospital and emergency treatment.


HLTFA311A Apply First Aid or HLTFA211A Provide BAsic Emergency Life Support


Award issued
Students who successfully complete this nationally recognised training will be awarded the statement of attainment: PUAEME005A Provide Pain Relief From Allens Training RTO 90909. 

Certificate refresher course is recommended every 3 years. The First aid Codes of Practice requires currency (3 year revision) and that in the workplace. The student is responsible for the revision every three years to remain current. We will send you information usually prior to the expected recommended re-fresher date.

Course Outcomes
1.    Pharmacology
2.    Access and Prepare analgesia
3.    Administration of Analgesia
4.    Cautions required
5.    Communication to Paramedics

Why every patient must seek medical help.



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*There is a requirement of 8 people minimum to book a Group or Company First Aid Course Class. Course costs are $100 AUSD per person

Rapid Response First Aid delivers training in partnership with, and under the auspices of , Allens Training PTY LTD RTO 90909.