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Rapid Response First Aid is an accredited co-provider for Allens Training who is the registered RTO with the new ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) Formally known as VETAB.

We pride ourselves in providing a dedicated team of full time Paramedics and Intensive Care trained Paramedics to impart their knowledge and experience to all facets of our First Aid training and Pre-Hospital care.

All our trainers are Certified Paramedics with a minimum of 5 years experience in the Pre-Hospital setting responding to all emergencies with a high degree of professionalism and worlds best practice. Their experience and skills have been tested in real emergency situations both locally, nationally and internationally.

Time is critical and every minute wasted deliberating can make the difference of life and death. We are the professionals that attend emergencies daily, we are up to date with all recent teachings and equipment.

We provide courses to satisfy individuals, workplace, school and community groups, companies and industry needs.

All registered courses are ASQA and Workcover approved courses with either a 1 year or 3 year currency as per industry standard.

Take charge of your First Aid Training requirements and learn from the professionals who save lives daily.


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