CLASS B First Aid Kit 
To order simply fill in the FIRST AID KIT ORDER FORM

Suitable for less than 25 Employees for High Risk Workplaces and 10-100 Employees for Low Risk Workplaces.

High risk workplaces include manufacturing plants, kitchens, construction sites, motor vehicle workshops.
Low risk workplaces include offices, libraries and most retail operations.

• Wall Mountable
• Unique Click-Lock Mechanism
• Metal Cabinet
• Portable

Recommended for Medium Risk Work Areas:
Warehouses, Light Manufacturing Industry, Restaurants and Modest Offices.

Dimensions: 210mm (W) x 380mm (H) x 120mm (D)
Case type: Metal Cabinet 1W (FABM1WL)
Complies with OH&S Regulation 2001 (NSW)
Complies with Victoria Basic FA Kit Requirements

1 x Adhesive Dressing Tape
1 x Adhesive Plastic Strip(s), 50/Pack
1 x Mini Liv-Wipe Alcohol Swab 10 Antiseptic Cream, Savlon, 30g
1 x Cotton Tip Applicators, 100/Pack
2 x Eye Pad(s), Sterile
1 x Eye Wash, Sterile
1 x Gauze Bandage(s), 50mm
1 x Gauze Bandage(s), 100mm
2 x Gloves, Latex, 2/Pack
2 x Non-adherent Dressing(s), 7.5 x 7.5cm
1 x First Aid Resuscitation Pamphlet, A4, Folded
1 x First Aid Info Pamphlet
1 x Plastic Bag(s), Small
1 x Plastic Bag(s), Medium
4 x Liv Calico Triangular Bandage Bleached, 110 x 110 x 155cm
1 x Plastic Bag(s), Large
1 x Rescue Blanket
1 x Safety Pin(s) 12/Bag
1 x Dressing Forceps, 125mm, Thumb with Blunt Points
1 x Surgical Scissors, 13cm Blunt/Blunt, Straight
3 x Wound Dressing(s), No 15