CLASS A First Aid Kit
To order simply fill in the FIRST AID KIT ORDER FORM

Suitable for 25 or more Employees for High Risk Workplaces and 100 or more Employees for Low Risk Workplaces. 
High risk workplaces include manufacturing plants, kitchens, construction sites, motor vehicle workshops.
Low risk workplaces include offices, libraries and most retail operations.

Metal Cabinet Back Pack
• Unique Click-Lock Mechanism - Compact
• Wall Mountable - Portable
• Metal Cabinet - Easy to Carry
• Portable

Dimensions: 280mm (W) x 440mm (H) x 140mm (D)
Case type: Metal Cabinet 2W (FABM2WL)
Complies with OH&S Regulation 2001 (NSW)
Complies with Victoria Basic FA Kit Requirements 

1 x Adhesive Dressing Tape - Zinc Oxide, Brown
1 x Adhesive Plastic Strip(s), 100/Pack 
1 x Adhesive Butterfly Closure(s), 10/Pack 1
1 x Antiseptic Cream Savlong, 30g
10 x Mini Liv-Wipe Alcohol Swab
1 x Cotton Balls, 55/Bag 
1 x Burn Gel, 25g
1 x Cotton Tip Applicator(s), 100/Pack
1 x Universal Crepe Bandages Heavy, 50mm x 4.5m, Brown 
5 x Eye Pad(s), Sterile                                                                                                             
12 x Eye Wash, Sterile, 30ml
3 x Gauze Bandage(s), 50mm
3 x Gauze Bandage(s), 100mm                                                                         
3 x Gauze Swab(s), Sterile
3 x Ply, 7.5cm, 3/Pack
5 x Gloves, Latex, 2/Pack
1 x Qwik Ice Instant Cold Pack, 11 x 18cm
5 x Poren-Lite non-adhesive Dressing, 7.5 x 7.5cm
1 x First Aid Resuscitation Pamphlet, A4, Folded 
1 x First Aid Info Pamphlet
2 x Plastic Bag(s), Small                                                                                                             
2 x Plastic Bag(s), Medium
2 x Plastic Bag(s), Large
1 x Surviv-a-Wrap Emergency Blanket
1 x Resuscitation Face Shield(s)
1 x Safety Pin(s), 12/Bag
1 x Surgical Scissors, 13cm Blunt/Blunt, Straight
1 x Dressing Forceps, 125mm, Thumb with Blunt Points
5 x Splinter Probe(s), Disposable
10 x Wound Dressing(s), No 15
1 x Liv Calico Triangular Bandage Bleached, 110 x 110 x 155cm